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Aiming at discovering the Mediterranean, the Arab and Middle Eastern worlds, NOSTOI translates, edits and publishes books concerning various issues on the matter. Translation of ancient travel accounts, new travel guides, books summarizing workshops and research activities are our main interests. 

Please, if you need a copy of our publications, feel free to contact us.


The first NOSTOI publication! Quaderni 1 is a book gathering the experiences of our workshop VILLES MINIERES | MINING CITIES held in Morocco from 8th to 15th June 2019.

The international workshop on architectural and urban design Villes Minières | Mining Cities was devised in order to open a debate on the future of a region that is destined to become increasingly urbanized due to the presence of phosphate mines, which feed an immense national and international economic empire. During the workshop, the participants (both professors and students) explored the topic of contemporary town planning in Morocco by elaborating proposals and design ideas for a new urban settlement.

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