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for a research on the mediterranean, middle east and arab world

NOSTOI is a cultural association and research center based in Milano (Italy). It aims at promoting, sharing and developing any kind of research and activity related to the areas and cultures of the Mediterranean, the Arab world, the Middle and Near East.


The primary goal of the workshop is to identify proposals and ideas for new forms of habitat and settlement in Souththern Moroccan villages. Today, these villages are afflicted by the uncritical introduction of dwelling models that are foreign to the historically established models of settlement and living. In additions, the use of alien building technologies and materials has led to the development of new building forms. However,
these recent additions reflect the inhabitants’ desire to live in a “modern” manner. And this should not be neglected. From the late 18th century to the middle of the 20th century, the region of Telouet played an important role in Moroccan history, with the Kasbah of Telouet serving as the power centre of the Glaoua tribe. Due to a political scandal involving members of the tribe, the “region of the Glaoua” is currently being neglected. Students are required to draugth design proposals that highlight issues and themes and address the urban and architectural needs of these villages and their inhabitants, beginning with a visit to and study of traditional settlements in the region. The villages of Imaouin and Timsal in the rural commune of Telouet will serve as case studies, as they are representative of two
contrasting settlement models. Timsal, where the village is constructed after the kasbah, and Imaouin, where the Telouet Kasbah is constructed after and during the construction of the village. 

Il workshop “La città islamica ancaloga” ha un duplice obiettivo: da una parte si vuole indagare il tema dell’abitare nel preciso ambito culturale e geografico che va dal bacino del Mediterraneo al Medio e Vicino Oriente, dall’altra si vuole mettere in relazione la costruzione della casa con la costruzione della città. Adottando un approccio di tipo progettuale, gli studenti saranno prima guidati nel ridisegno di alcuni esempi di case e poi nella costruzione di una “città analoga”, ovvero di una possibile città che esprima i caratteri insediativi tipici della città islamica.


NOSTOI launches a kickstarter campaign to support the fundraising for the realization of the project “Cités Ouvrières: Rediscovering Moroccan Modern Architecture”, aimed at promoting and enhancing the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the Moroccan workers’ settlements.

A research about the 'Islamic City'

An exhibition in Milan

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